Call Exchange

Call Exchange

Here at Connect and Save, we understand that every insurer has customers that they cannot quote as they do not fit their criteria. With our Call Exchange service, we can deal with those customers for you and give you a monetary return. Just send us the customers you cannot quote via a live call, and our team will enter their details into our system, and we will match them to a client who can quote them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Exchange is where we take your unwanted calls (due to them not fitting your criteria), and find brokers who will purchase them so they can make a sale. 

Simply transfer your call into our call centre and our experts will handle the rest. We will speak with them, enter their details into our system and match them with a business who can quote them. 

Of course. We will pay you once you have transferred the lead through to us. 

Our Team Member

Georgie Curd
Team Leader
Laura Judd
Sales Manager
Kate Kelsey
Operations Manager