Lead Exchange

Lead Exchange

It goes without saying that every insurer has a mountain of leads that they cannot quote due to them not fitting their criteria. With our Lead Exchange service, we can match your leads to suitable clients, and we’ll put them in touch with each other.

Just send through your leads and our team will contact them and we’ll match them to a suitable broker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Exchange is where we take your unwanted leads (due to them not fitting your criteria), and find brokers who will purchase these leads so they can make a sale. 

Simply transfer your leads into our call centre and our experts will handle the rest. We’ll speak with them and match them with a business who can quote them. 

Of course. We’ll pay you once we have successfully found a partner. How nice does it feel to be paid for a lead that you thought had no value?

Our Team Member

Georgie Curd
Team Leader
Laura Judd
Sales Manager
Kate Kelsey
Operations Manager