Live Data

Live Data

Here at Connect and Save we are a contact centre, therefore we naturally speak with a higher percentage of people than the majority of brokers. It can be difficult for brokers to contact every lead at their disposal, this is where we come in.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average we contact live data in under 60-seconds of application (during opening hours). We make ensure to contact them when you are fresh in their memory, meaning they are more likely to communicate with you promptly for a quote.

Absolutely. It’s hard for brokers to speak to every single lead that comes through in a healthy time frame. That’s why our dedicated team will speak to your live data within seconds of application and they will then send them through for you to do the rest.

There is no better time to speak to a prospective customer than immediately after they have filled out their details and are waiting to hear from you. If you leave it too long they could move on to another broker with their business. That’s why we get in touch with them as soon as possible. 

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