Direct Debit Failures

Direct Debit Failures

Every broker deals with payment issues from their customers and it can be a laborious task to get in contact with each client. That’s why we will work on behalf of your accounts team to rectify any monetary issues that your customers are facing.

Send us the details of the customers who are having troubles and we’ll get in contact with them to find out what the issue is. Once we’ve spoken with them, our agents will pass them back to you to take payment and to get their policies back on track. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is when there is an issue with payment. Issues can include insufficient funds or change of details. 


We’ll get in contact with the customer to speak to them about the issue. Once we have, we will pass then transfer them through to you so you can attempt to take payment over the phone. 

Send the customers details to us and we’ll upload them into our system to contact. Remember to include all necessary details.

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