Renewal Data

Renewal Data

Every single day you will have customers whose policies need renewing. You need to grab their attention before they look elsewhere for business. The best way to do that is get in touch with them before anyone else and offer them their renewal policy there and then.

Our agents are highly trained to contact and deal with those whose policies are coming to renewal time. We’ll get in touch with your customers and get them to renew with you for another year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

First, your customers have a date where their policy has to be renewed every year. The date they took out the policy will be the renewal date the following year. This is when you’ll need to get in contact with them so you can help them renew their policy with you. 

Getting in contact with them before anyone else will enhance your chances of retaining your customers. You’ll need to find out if any details have changed and update their policy. Offering discounts on certain elements where applicable.

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