Outbound Services

Outbound Services

Our Outbound Service means that we will contact customers or leads on your behalf to help with sales. We offer a tailored solution for all your outbound calling. Our team can ensure that our outbound agents can create solutions for your business needs.

If we are helping your business speak with thousands of leads a week and setting up new policies, you in return are going to be winning more business than your competitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An inbound call centre receives incoming calls from customers and clients. An outbound call, on the other hand, makes outgoing calls to customers and clients. 

An outbound call centre is a function of a business that employs agents to make outgoing calls to customers, prospects, or other businesses. 

Send the customers details to us and we will upload them into our call centre to contact. Remember to include all necessary details so we know who we are contacting, how to contact them and what we are contacting them about. 

Our Team Member

Georgie Curd
Team Leader
Laura Judd
Sales Manager
Kate Kelsey
Operations Manager